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Trusted & Professional Data Recovery

Has your hard drive or SSD stopped working? Can’t access your files? Or has you accidentally deleted your files?

We have seen a lot of cases where people has lost their important files due to failed hard drive or faulty storage device. Some would like to get their business files back, save their research analysis or retrieve those memorable moments captured in family photos and videos.

We know how devastated one can be if you had crashed hard drive or corrupted media. A broken hard drive can be replaced with a new one, but how to save your valuable data then?

Free data recovery software  vs professional data recovery

Free data recovery software can be used for certain simple cases of deleted or reformatted files. However, it is still need to handled properly since lack of skills can cost you more if the software has overwrite your data.

Bear in mind that hard drive can fail on various reasons. If it is failed due to mechanical parts broken, physical damage or bad sector, data recovery using free software is not possible.You will need professional data recovery service to recover your data.

Data recovery is a delicate process. If you don’t have specialised tools or trained personnel to handle your drive, your data might be lost forever. At Fix & Go, we use world-class hardware and software data recovery techniques and can recover data from any brand of hard drive and nearly all types of hard drive failures.

Hard Drive Recovery For All Brands

EMC  Fujitsi Hitachi Dell Samsung Seagate Western Digital Toshiba Lenovo HP  Microsoft Intel Apple and many more

We can recover from any OS of File System

Windows  Mac  Linux

Free Diagnostic Assesment

Whatever the problem device may be, we will undertake a fast and completely free diagnostic to check its condition first.  Our technicians will analyze the problem media in order to determine the problem of device, how much it wll cost and how long it will take to recover your data.

Should you then choose to proceed, you can make deposit for us to start recovery and we will duplicate the data that we have recovered and return it to you via a portable USB HDD. Alternatively, if you choose not to go ahead, we’ll return your drive to you or we can dispose your faulty drive securely upon request.

Take advantage of this unique offer and don’t stay in worry of what happened to your device. Get it check by our team first.

Problem Indication

Symptoms of Data Loss

All of us have been through those tough moments when, after putting in many hours on a document the system or the application program suddenly collapses and leaves your document damaged or inaccessible. Sometimes the system will announce the error, sometimes it crashes and fails completely. All of these unpleasant situations can lead to the loss of your data.

  • File cannot be opened or is damaged.

  • Computer makes unusual sounds.

  • Computer cannot “find” the hard disk.

  • Files cannot be accessed and/or copied.

  • CDs (DVDs) cannot be read or copied.

  • The system freezes while trying to open files.

  • Directory´s content is corrupt, documents are corrupted.

  • Memory card is unreadable or seems to be unformatted.

  • The computer will not start up (sometimes can be followed by the screen message “Missing operating system,” etc.)

Source Indicator

Causes of Data Loss

The reasons for damage followed by the inaccessibility of data can be divided into two groups:


  • Electrical (power loss, surge, polarity reversal)

  • Manufacturing defects.

  • Liquid intrusion.

  • Excess temperature (overheating).

  • Dusty environment.

  • Gravitation (fall, shock).

  • Nature disasters (floods, fire, earthquake).

Logical / Software

  • Virus infection.

  • Application or the operation system collapses.

  • Human error or abuse (erasing, overwriting, formatting).

Fix & Go believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success

Professional Partnership

Specialist for Data Recovery and Sanitization

Fix & Go partnered with CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) through MyCyberSecurity Clinic licensing programme.

MyCyberSecurity Clinic is the trusted partner for assuring control through proven services, people and technology that recover, analyze and manage information and is a trustworthy and credible entityfor secure data handling and recovery.

CSM manage information security according to ISO/IEC 27001 standards and requirements to achieve an overall information security assurance through preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Fix & Go will address your need for data recovery solutions based on specific cases of data loses. With our extensive experience and expertise in providing data recovery solution and cyber security domain, we will provide the effective and suitable solution to meet your data recovery needs.

Service Infrastructure

Our Data Recovery Lab


Have a failed external USB drive? We can by-pass the USB on your drive and go straight for your data!


Stuck heads? No problem ! We have the tools and the clean room to unstick your heads.


We can do clean room data recovery on premises when necessary.


Inspecting a 6 head stack from a donor drive before it goes into the patient.

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