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MacBook Survives, Disables All USB Ports to Prevent Damage After Attached USB-C Cable ‘Started to Smoke’

Purchasing third-party, but uncertified charging accessories for your MacBook can spell disaster in the long run. You might be able to save some money, but it can cost you dearly when you have an expe...

4 Sebab Lain Laptop Anda Perlu Tukar HDD Kepada SSD

4) Lebih ringan SSD merupakan semiconductor memory devices yang dipasang pada papan litar, ringan dan bersaiz kecil. Ciri-ciri dan bentuk SSD itu sendiri lebih kurang sama dengan HDD (2.5 inci a...

3 Sebab Laptop Anda Perlu Tukar HDD Kepada SSD

1) Masa untuk akses data lebih pantas (Direct Access Time) Biasanya di bawah 0.1 ms data boleh diambil secara langsung dari pelbagai lokasi memori flash SSD anda.Laju kan? Tu sebab bila anda nak bu...

Tanda laptop anda perlu dibersihkan (Cleaning)

1) Laptop Melebihi 1 Tahun Dalam tempoh penggunaan ini, laptop telah terdedah kepada habuk-habuk kecil dan lama-kelamaan ianya berkumpul menjadi lebih banyak dan tebal terutama sekali pada ruang pe...

Get back deleted data with Microsoft’s new Windows File Recovery tool

Microsoft has released a new data recovery app which can be used to retrieve files that have been deleted, or get back documents from drives that have been formatted or have become corrupt. Windows...

Call to upgrade, enhance Malaysia’s cybersecurity

KUALA LUMPUR: Cybercrime and reliance on technology have become serious issues threatening Malaysia and this has led to new challenges and problems including undermining national cybersecurity. Mal...

New Computer Chip Modeled on a Living Brain Can Learn and Remember

IBM, with help from DARPA, has built two working prototypes of a “neurosynaptic chip.” Based on the neurons and synapses of the brain, these first-generation cognitive computing cores coul...

Bill Gates offers a pandemic battle plan

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates weighed in on his GatesNotes site with a lengthy description of what he sees is needed to fight the pandemic, arguing that innovation will be critical to stemming the d...

Point/Counterpoint: We Need a System of Internet IDs

Has a friend ever called you to say, “Hey, unless you are genuinely trying to sell me property in the Dominican Republic, your email is hacked”? Or received a call from your bank asking if...

AMD Zen 2-Based Ryzen 3 Processors Reportedly In The Works

AMD is rumoured to be working on Ryzen 3 CPUs based on its Zen 2 CPU microarchitecture. Further, the CPU is expected to feature a 4-cores, 8-threads layout and go toe-to-toe with the upcoming 10th gen...

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