5 Work From Home Tips From a Tech Guy

5 Work From Home Tips From a Tech Guy

Working from home is the new norm since Covid-19 hits the world.

While most of us have adapted working in the vicinity and comfort of home, make sure to avoid these bad habits which may not be good for your laptop or data protection.  Surely the last thing that you would want to encounter during lockdown is broken, compromised or mulfunctioning equipment. Even worse, you don’t have an IT guy or tech support at home to help to troubleshoot your problems.

Though a dose of coffee will give you extra energy to work, a small dose of spill could damage your laptop.

1. Avoid Spills and Wipe Carefully

In an unfamiliar home work setting, please take extra care not to spill anything on your laptop. Liquid damage is not only quick, it’s also severe often irreversible.  If you need to clean your laptop or keyboard, wipe it down gently with a lightly moistened cloth. 

If you want to sanitise your laptop or PC, you should never spray cleaning fluids directly onto the PC’s display screen, keyboard or near the air vents.

For many people, working from home, or ‘WFH’, has also come to mean ‘WFB’ – working from bed.

2. Keep Your PC Steady and Breathing

If you don’t have a dedicated home office,  make sure you place  you place your laptop on a stable working spaces and allow for ventilation.

 We know it is tempting to work or browsing on the bed or sofa but your laptop’s cooling fan can’t operate properly because the system is sitting on thick fabric and the machine will be at risk of overheating. That can cause a system crash or other problems, including data loss.

Don’t drain your laptop battery.

3. Watch Those Power Levels

If you decide to work in a space where it’s not practical to leave your laptop constantly plugged in, keep an eye on your laptop battery meter.

Don’t drain your battery before recharging it. An unexpected shutdown due to sudden loss of power can damage the operating system, and make it difficult for a computer to boot properly.  

Keep your home wifi safe and secure.

4. Keep Your Wireless Network Secure

Make sure you’re connected to the correct home wireless network (sometimes difficult in crowded settings like an apartment building) and make sure your router is secure. Avoid accidental connections to nearby networks that may be unprotected or in use by potentially unsafe hosts.

A pet cat sending email to your boss surely is not funny.

5. Don’t Forget to Lock Your Screen

If you are quarantining with others (including small children and pets), you should always remember to lock your computer screen when you need to step away, even if it’s just for a few minutes. We all have lots going on at home these days, and it’s well worth taking an extra moment to prevent your favorite pet from accidentally deleting your work.

Happy working at home!

Adapated from : https://www.pcmag.com/

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